Various Alternative Healing Methods You Can Opt For

There are those painful conditions that traditional medicine cannot seem to treat and this is where alternative healing comes in. Alternative healing offers pain relief as well as management and prevention of future pain. Alternative healing has been sought after for those who are not satisfied or have not found enough cures in traditional medical procedures or drugs. Different body pains, particularly back pains, are the most common complaint of those seeking alternative healing.

alternative healing

In the United States alone 4 out of 10 adults make use of alternative healing as a complementary treatment or supplement to traditional medical practices. Here are the top 5 of the most popular alternative healing treatments:


  • Massage therapy

Massage has been a part of the mainstream lifestyle as a form of unwinding and relaxation but it is actually a medical treatment. Massage treatment is when a massage therapist makes use of techniques to manipulate muscles to alleviate pain and tension.


  • Meditation

Meditation is a popular way to relieve stress and clear the mind of distractions. It is an alternative healing that may incorporate spiritual teachings, breathing, and focus exercises. Meditation is often combined with Tai Chi or Yoga for better physical benefits.  


  • Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment makes use of spinal manipulation to improve the feeling of pain in the back, neck and joints. Although research has proven that spinal manipulation is useful for treating muscular pains, there is little evidence of how chiropractic treatment helps with headaches. 


  • Herbal Medicine

Not many people think about it, but nutritional supplements and vitamins originated from alternative healing such as Chinese herbal medicine. Despite the fact that many herbal medicine supplements remain unregulated by the FDA, there is still a wide market for these things.


  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese and Asian practice that has gained respect in medical practice in many parts of the world. In the USA more than 3 million people use acupuncture and it is supported by the World Health Organization for treating over 28 medical conditions such as pain and digestive disorders. Acupuncture makes use of inserting needles into 400 specific points of the body.

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