The Great and Bad of Acupuncture

Any time you are experiencing discomfort and pain, you’d probably choose painkillers for pain relief. Though they do reduce the pain, in addition they carry unwanted side effects caused by putting chemical substances in your body. Modern day medicine has created medications which can alleviate pain straight away, but do you actually believe that the rapid fixes you have been using are in fact best for your health system? Why don’t you try something less hazardous and much more effective such as acupuncture? If you are interested in an acupuncture treatment to deal with your health problems and you live in the Chicago area, then why not try an acupuncture treatment in Chicago.


What exactly is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture has increased in acceptance during the last few years as a result of the present health trends. Generally called a traditional Chinese medical method, acupuncture is viewed as a homeopathic treatment. Although alternative healthcare does raise many eye brows with the scientific community, it really does warrant consideration prior to being disregarded as being a quack remedy.



Fundamental Procedure


Essentially, tiny needles are put into certain spots in your skin, each representing one of the several pressure points positioned all over the body. As outlined by ancient Chinese Medicine, through putting a needle into the pressure point, a good acupuncturist is able to change the actual flow of chi or also known as life force, therefore reducing pain and little by little healing the patient. Although many would probably state that the entire chi stuff is a heap of rubbish, scientific research has indicated that the inserted tiny needles release the human body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins, therefore assisting with relief of pain.




Modern acupuncturists today utilize non-reusable fine stainless-steel needles which are only between 0.007 to 0.020 inches in diameter. They are sterilized with ethylene oxide or autoclave. Because they are much thinner than syringe needles, being poked with these needles is fairly pain-free. The upper part of the needle is protected with a bigger bronze wire or perhaps plastic in order to make the needle more robust and easier to use. The size of the actual needle and just how far it is inserted is determined by the acupuncturist and his applied type of acupuncture.


Illustration of Treatment


What will happen when you visit a Chicago acupuncturist? Let’s say a person is diagnosed with a headache, the treatment stimulates the very sensitive points found between the thumbs and palms. According to acupuncture principles, those points are linked to the head and face and therefore can be useful for treating headaches as well as other problems. Needles will be very carefully injected into the skin till the patient can feel a twinge. This can be followed by a small automatic twitching of the spot. Throughout this therapy a few things can happen:


– Feeling of pain where the needles are injected.


– An indication of nausea during the therapy in the event of strong headaches.


– Near-instant headache reduction.


Historyhistory of acupuncture


Being an age-old technique acupuncture has entered into modern age with applications of technology and results of current research. Electrical stimulation has become a frequent method which is mixed with acupuncture in order to generate more potent outcomes. Furthermore, acupuncturists mixed this Chinese approach with western world techniques to additionally boost the treatment.


Professionals have ultimately understood that leaning towards one way of thinking cannot produce medical advancements without the willingness to move towards the future by looking also to other horizons.


Responses and Scientific Research


Not every person is overwhelmed by acupuncture. Many western doctors have indicated either hesitation or indifference to the Chinese method while some others have completely condemned it with criticisms as well as ferocious skepticism. However, the latest research has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture, and although much more studies have to be completed, acupuncture has been confirmed to actually favorably impact some, although not all, kinds of health conditions which it promises to cure.


Should you be looking for a non-traditional method of pain relief, give acupuncture a shot and you will probably not be disappointed. The Chinese people have been using it for 100’s of years, and so should we.

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