Risks And Dangers Of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is quickly becoming a popular and effective alternative treatment option for many people suffering from various medical problems. Chiropractor clinics are available in many cities across the country, from New York to San Diego and from Detroit to San Antonio. For many it is a preferable alternative due to its non-invasive approach. However, is it really without risks and side effects?


Frequent Side Effects of Chiropractic Treatments


Chiropractic care is considered as one of the most secure forms of healthcare presently available. Nevertheless, it is still thought of as a type of ‘intervention’ and hence exposes the patients to some degree of risk.


One of the most widespread side effects experienced by patients, regardless of what condition is treated by the chiropractor, is a sense of soreness on various parts of the body and muscles after a session. The reason is that our body and muscles want to adapt to the adjustments caused by the chiropractor.


The suffering from the pain could last for up to three to six weeks. Once you are past that stage the pain will disappear and the visits to the chiropractor will be pain free and start to show their therapeutic effects without further long-term complications.


Severe Risks of Chiropractic Treatments


Depending on the health problems of the patient, chiropractic treatments are focused on certain parts of the body. The neck is one part that is frequently treated.


In extreme cases those neck treatments may result in some damage to the vertebrae. The consequences of such damage could be problems as severe as stroke-like syndromes due to the very delicate nature of the vertebrae. These cases are however very rare and uncommon, but the risk exists.


Scientific studies are conducted to determine how high this risk is and how widespread such incidences are. However, compared to the number of deaths resulting from other medical treatments, the number of fatal chiropractic spinal adjustments is still very low.



Myths vs Reality: Chiropractic Risks


Even though cases of severe side effects suffered from chiropractic treatments are quite rare, the media has presented it in a different way. Chiropractic adjustments on the neck and spine have been presented as dangerous and risky procedures. It is very important to proceed with caution, but there are also various myths surrounding chiropractic care which are completely false.


For example, there were cases of chiropractic patients who suffered damages to their brain. Many people readily conclude that the brain damage resulted from the chiropractic adjustments.


However, close examination of these cases revealed that these patients already had a high risk of having damage to their brain or having any other severe illness before they had a chiropractic treatment. Furthermore, no significant link could be established between the damage and the chiropractic treatment. Granted, this still does not ultimately dispel the myths. Read more about the myths of chiropractic treatments on San Diego Chiropractors.


Research of Chiropractic Treatments


Despite the lack of a conclusive case that will confirm that there are no entailing risks involved with chiropractic treatments, research efforts will continue. This will ultimately enable chiropractors to provide their treatments in an even safer way. Additionally, the efforts are directed to open the eyes of the public about the validity of chiropractic care as an alternative treatment option.


If you want to assess the risks and dangers of a chiropractic treatment, then 2 important points to consider are that it is a drug free and non-invasive treatment.


A good way to reduce the risk of side effects is to carefully select the chiropractor. A skilled and experienced chiropractor with the necessary qualifications will not pose much of a risk to the health and life of a patient. Read more facts about chiropractic treatments and how to find a good chiro doctor in San Diego.

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