How Effective is Acupuncture to Treat Depression

Acupuncture is one of China’s best treatment methods to cure and prevent diseases. It is a treatment method that uses hair-thin needles, which are literally lightly pricked into the body. It is a natural way of healing illnesses since it stimulates the body through the needles by producing good energy. The Chinese people who originated acupuncture explained the positive treatment effects of acupuncture through the belief that health is restored when the body’s energy flow is corrected.


acupuncture to treat illnesses
Acupuncture to Treat Illnesses

Acupuncture for Depression


Acupuncture was primarily communicated as a method of treating chronic pain. However, later studies have found about its ability to treat depression as well; this was supported by various studies conducted all over the world. When depression is treated with acupuncture the body of the person also receives several additional benefits like reduction of insomnia and anxiety as well as an increase in energy.


How effective is acupuncture for depression?


The traditional depression treatment is the use of anti-depressant medications and counseling. However, as studies were conducted it was shown that a significant number of patients have not benefited from the consumption of those medications and also a significant number reported that they cannot stick to the prescribed medication schedule of taking the medicine. Thus, the medications as a treatment for depression really could not hold to its purpose. Anti-depressant medications without a doubt will help some people, but they only help them in the short term, which means that depression cannot be relieved permanently. Acupuncture for depression treatment on the other hand makes sure that you stay relaxed and don’t have to suffer from the medication side effects or withdrawal symptoms. If you have suffered from depression for a long time and have tried traditional treatments, it is maybe time to try this new treatment approach.


Acupuncture and depression treatment has already yielded great results. However, you must also be careful in the selection of the acupuncturist. You must ensure that the one conducting the acupuncture treatment on you is authorized and qualified to do so since one bad needle prick from the wrong professional can also cause harm.

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