Acupuncture for Depression Treatment Plan

Any complex treatment that needs a longer time to finish needs to have a guide prepared by the doctor and given to the patient. This guide will serve the patient as their reminder on what stage they are in the treatment and how far they still need to go in order to finish the treatment. That guide is known as a patient’s treatment plan.

treating depression with acupuncture

A treatment plan is needed by patients who undergo regular treatments in intervals. It basically shows the details of the patient as well as the necessary steps or actions to be followed in order to achieve the medical treatment goal. If all items in the treatment plan are followed, it signals a great achievement for the patient and the doctor. One example of a complex treatment that needs a treatment plan is the use of acupuncture for depression.


You must have already heard how acupuncture helps in relieving illnesses including depression. Acupuncture treatment for depression needs to be applied in several sessions and in order for the sessions to be successful a treatment plan must be prepared for and followed in every session.


What is inside a treatment plan?


A treatment plan for acupuncture for depression indicates the progress of a person from the first day of consultation, to the days of the treatment, and until all of the sessions of the treatment are completed successfully. To give you an idea what a treatment plan can look like, here are some things you can probably see in a treatment plan for acupuncture for depression.


Patient’s Information 

  • This is where the necessary patient’s information can be seen.

Provider’s Information 

  • This is where the necessary Treatment provider’s information can be seen. This only pertains to the details regarding the medical professional.

Agencies Involved 

  • This is where the details of any agencies and clinics are listed of where the medical professional is working.


  • This indicates what specific medicine to take, in what dosage, in what frequency, and what these medicines are for.

Problem Identification 

  • This area states the issues of the patient for which this treatment is conducted.

Long Term Goal 

  • This shows the probable outcome after all of the treatment processes are made successfully.

Short Term Goals 

  • This shows the small achievements made by a patient that signifies progress through the course of the treatment.

Review Date and Progress  

  • This is the area where the medical professional will evaluate and attest to the progress credibility.

Some items to the treatment plan for acupuncture for depression might still be added by some treatment providers since it depends on what is needed by a particular patient and every plan is tailor made for a Patient.

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